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Monday, 26 January 2015

An Encounter With Death!

By: Team PenTastic
By Pratikshya Satpathy

In silence it creeps,
So chill, so wild.
Felt through the soundless weeps,
As horror of a stillborn child.

Every night i meet with you,
Every morning you fake me.
You make me believe in you,
And the next day it seems like a lie when you wake me.

I see, you make lives easy,
For some you make it terrible.
The thought of you coming to me makes me queasy,
But isn't believing in you so much sensible.

To me you seem to be the only existing truth,
Lies, there are too many utter.
When you reach me, you will only soothe,
My soul patiently waits to have an encounter.

An encounter with you would make me realize life,
Such a thing of importance wasted so nice.
Death why you are so hard to achieve!
When you are the best thing, I would wish to happen twice.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

'Interviewed'-Santanu Sen

By: Jessica Mohapatra
With GATE 2k15 round the corner we bring to you the interview of  an alumni from Electrical Engineering batch of 2011, Mr Santanu Sen who had not only achieved a spectacular AIR of 33 in GATE  in his very first chance but also achieved this unbelievable feat in 20 days(Shocking aint it!!).Santanu Sir is back to CET as a faculty after completing his Mtech from IIT Delhi.He is a very cool teacher who is also a virtuoso in playing the Tabla.Lets see what he has to say....

Jessica :Hello sir....Firstly..tell us something about yourself..
Santanu Sir:Hey..I am a resident of Bhubaneswar,I passed out from CET in 2011 from Electrical Engineering branch..I have done my Mtech in Power system from IIT Delhi.I have a 3rd year degree in playing the tabla and I also love social networking..

Jessica :How was CET then and what are the changes now???
Santanu Sir:(with his eyes twinkling) Ahh...now CET is 2 storeys more (laughs) well in our time we had our labs close to Workshop,now you all have an entire lab building for yourself..the Canteen now has more variety though the area still seems the very same...Good to see that the bank is still the same though..

Jessica :(smiles too) Tell us something about your GATE exam??
Santanu Sir:I got a rank of 33.....I prepared for only 20 days for GATE...

Jessica :(with an incredulous look on her face...)Really...just 20!!!??
Santanu Sir:Ya really ...me and my friend we used to have group discussions ..we studied together for GATE..I got through as a fresher..I remember that on 7th Jan, 7th Sem ended ..we had TCS on 14th and 15th Jan ,I got through TCS..I was relieved then came the 20days to success 
...(GATE was on 13th Feb)...and the rest is all history..

Jessica :(still astonished) sir just in a mere 20 days ..you got GATE ..your concepts must be brilliant..
Santanu Sir:No nothing like that (humbly..) it was pure luck and smart planning.

Jessica :Sir,did you go to any coaching??
Santanu Sir:No I didnt ,it is all about self preparation and getting your concepts right..you do not need coaching..we had excellent faculty back then..yeah the PanchMurti was still there...(Readers take note..Panch Murti are the 5 pillars of Electrical Engineering-Ranjan sir,Bagharty sir,Meera Maam,Satpathy Sir and Abhimanyu sir)

Jessica :Sir tell us something about your'20 days to success' Mantra in GATE..
Santanu Sir:(Laughs loudly)I feel that Group Discussion is very important..Me and my friend used to meet everyday(for 20 days) at 10 am and we used to study till 6:30 pm continuously ,we used to study the subjects randomly but whatever be the subject we used to complete it thoroughly .You need to study the subjects intelligently so we saw the last few years question paper and studied only the important subjects like..EM,Control System,Power Electronics ,Power systems and left out the less important subjects like AEC,DEC and MPMC and to my luck only one question from MPMC was there in my paper ..so I scored a 64% when the highest in my time was 74%.

Jessica :What about sleep you must have completely given up on it...
Santanu Sir:Nah not really...sleep was the only thing we did..we studied from 10 in the morning till 6 in the evening...we made sure that we had adequete rest..

Jessica :Tell us somethng about your IIT Delhi interview..and how were you felicitated in college for such a phenomenal feat...
Santanu Sir:When we  were shortlisted for IIT Delhi..I was fretting that they would grill me with tough questions but they didnt ask me tough Qs atall...they asked me about my family background and thats about all...and about felicitation ..I was given cash prize and certificate... Is my biggest achievement till date..

Jessica :What were you doing before you joined CET?
Santanu Sir:Before this I was an assistant professor in Silicon College....and then I got through CET and returned to my Home-Turf.

Jessica :What are things that could bring in more Grandeur to CET?
Santanu Sir:I feel that the academics has to be streamlined..labs need to have more facilities..But the greatest power is the Alumni Power..if someone qualifies from CET that brings great name and fame to a college..

Jessica :First on one side of the Dais(as a student) and now on the other side of the Dais(as a teacher)...on which side is the grass greener...
Santanu Sir in college
Santanu Sir:Well I respect my teachers and dont have courage to speak to the Panchmurti...even now...I feel that as a teacher we should be giving and give to our next generation what our generation did not get..

Jessica :Novel thought Sir....Dont you feel jealous that today's CETian gets so many activities to be a part of like Sports,Amuza (Dramatics) ,Photofactory or even CET Rising...what do you have to say??
Santanu Sir:(this time chuckles)..well its good that we have got so many activities now..I really like to see the photos of CET Photofactory and  I follow CET Rising articles..I can see the achievement of my batchmates there..the activities are good maintenance by CET students..

Jessica :What is the one thing that CET can implement to become world-class?
Santanu Sir:CET should definitely take it's students to excursions industrial visits and exposure makes our knowledge wider..In IIT Delhi we used to go to NLDC and NTPC...that should be done in CET..

Jessica :Thankyou Sir for giving us your valuable time..it was pleasure talking to you Sir..
Santanu Sir:You are welcome..(with a pleasant smile on  his face)

Friday, 23 January 2015


By: Dibyasha Mohanty
By:Dibyasha Mohanty
Guided by:Ritika Barik

 To reinvent  a yet another facet of a composition and depict it on a sheet of paper with  colors and characters of one’s choice.That was the entire idea of the event-DRESS  MY  BOOK.A  book jacket designing competition in which you design the cover of your favourite novel as well as give a brief  sum-up of the story in words of your own.
The event began with the introduction of the rules and regulations by the coordinators-Alisha Rout,Swagatika Swain and Willy Das. Eventually the teams were provided with a drawing sheet each, neatly folded in the form of a card. They were to  design the cover of a novel of their choice within a stipulated time of one hour.
After the entries were submitted, the judges had a tough range of options to choose from –whether it should be John Green’s Fault in our Stars or  Sussana’s 7 Husbands by  Ruskin Bond.
Why not the Bloodline by Sidney Sheldon?Or  the all time favourite Harry Potter by Rowling?
 The entries were judged on the basis of overall presentation of cover page, comprehensiveness of the synopsis and popularity.To be precise,30% weightage was given to cover page(judged by Jessica Mohapatra),40% weightage was given to synopsis(judged by Swagatika and Willy) and 30% weightage was given to facebook  likes fetched .After much heated discussion ,the judges finally selected the winners.These are:
1st  -Sussana’s 7 Husbands:Shivangi  Pradhan, Ankita Das
2nd  -Fight Club: Prayash Mohapatra,Anshuman Ray
3rd –Bloodline:Soumya Tripathy,Ayushee Mohanty,Eijilina Priyadarshini

CET Rising extends heartiest congratulations to the winners. Nevertheless the remaining entries gave a cut-throat competition and were impressive enough.

Thursday, 22 January 2015


By: Dibyasha Mohanty

They can enslave inanimate machines with their ambidextrous hands, they can negotiate with stubborn metals and paraphernalia. They can heat the ambiance with their coolness. They solve elusive complications with an evasive yet dependable smile, maintaining that air of confidence which gives you a punch in the gut. No points for guessing, they are the maverick mechanical folks!
The official logo of ASME ,CET
       And now the potters have yet another feather to their cap, by opening the ASME Student’s Chapter in College of Engineering and Technology, Bhubaneswar. After months of combined perseverance and strenuous toil, the mechanical engineering students of CET have established a club that aims to specialize in automobiles, machinery, designing and all aspects of modern-day engineering. To clear up the ambiguity, if any, I am talking about the American Society of Mechanical Engineers that is a not-for-profit organisation which enables collaboration ,knowledge-sharing and skills development across all engineering disciplines. 
Spreading across 150 countries with more than 140,000 members, it is deemed as a prestigious association for engineers worldwide.

Setting the foundation of a brilliant journey ahead, the  esteemed Principal , Departmental HODs ,Mechanical department faculty, and student ASME members of CET assembled for the inauguration ceremony of ASME CET-B Student’s Chapter in the conference hall. The event  commenced with the lighting of the auspicious lamp by the Principal, Professor Lokanath Panda ,Mechanical Head of Department Dr. Rati Ranjan Dash, President of ASME CET-B, Mr. Bidit Mohanty , Student Chair  Mr.Siddharth Rishi Pattnaik and  Student Vice-chair Mr. Sohan Sarangi.This was followed by an impressive speech by the  office bearers of the club, Mr. Bidit Mohanty and Mr.Siddharth  Pattnaik, explaining the aims, objectives and significance of ASME Student Section.
Later the logo of the club was unveiled amidst sonorous applause of the faculty and students.The riveting anchoring of Manish and Baisakhi kept the audience glued to the proceedings on the stage. Eventually, there was a comprehensive presentation regarding the agenda of the club and its relevance to CET ,which concluded with an appeal to the faculty for their valuable guidance.The event  concluded with the giving out of certificates to the elected members  by Dr.Rati Ranjan Dash.
“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”And, even the longest journey begins beneath your feet. By setting up a students’ section of ASME in  CET ,the members look forward to a promising expedition on the path of excellence and evolution in engineering, and of course, ”setting the standard” meanwhile.

Litreat#6:Catch it Live!

By: Aayushi Jajodia
_Aayushi Jajodia
 (Guided By- Pratikshya Satpathy and Jessica Mohapatra)

 (Pictures Courtesy- CET Photofactory)

After weeks of preparation and hard work put in by the Cetadel members, the two-week literary festival, Litreat-2k15 finally concluded yesterday with the commencement of perhaps the most out of the box event, Catch It Live!

                                                        A clip of the Winning video- AhimSwag
A video making contest, it was basically targeted at young and creative minds eager to showcase their video making and editing skills. There was no theme as such as it required the participants to go crazy and wild with their ideas, which they did.

Huge number of entries rolled in, as expected, with participants ranging from final year students to freshers. Out of these, a total of seven entries were shortlisted by a well- equipped team of members for open screening. At about 1 o’clock, people started turning up, along with participants. The SAC (Students Activity Centre) was where the videos were to be screened. The judging panel consisted of Mr. Prayash Abhinash and Ms. Jessica Mohapatra. As Mr. Prayash is a senior member of the CET Photofactory Club, he assessed the photography and editing skills of the entrees while, Jessica Di, our senior CET Rising member tested the content and the essence of the videos submitted. The audience, consisting of a bunch of students were bustling with energy and anticipation.

Our Judges
The event took off smoothly. The entries were awesome. Whilst the “Friendzoned in CET” documentary made us laugh our heads off, some raised issues such as eve-teasing. Some portrayed the beauty of our city, while some showed the struggles of an individual with making a stand for himself. After a careful assessment in about eight different fields, all the shortlisted videos were scored.

One of the entries of the event.
At the end, the team which emerged as the winner was the team named “Blah Blah” by the 2nd Year students Raman Kumar, Sarthak Mohapatra, and, Aditya K Singh. Congratulations Guys! You made us laugh real hard. The link to their video is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hthuTxTfIVQ

Also, a special mention  goes out to the team, “Thullu”, which was presented by the 1st year students, Pritish Mishra, Pradeep Kumar Nayak and Agnija Barik. Kudos! The link to their video is:


And hence with this event, we have come to an end of this very successful season of the litreat festival.  We will be definitely looking forward to it next year. Here’s hoping you do the same.
                                           The Organizers And Judges Of Catch It Live!