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Sunday, 27 July 2014

Meet the Pen-Tastics !

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

 Aloha, folks ! 

It's been quite some time that this team of Pen-tastics started this endeavor to connect all the CETians and Ex-CETians via this medium; to bring you CET-ifacts and to help you spread your thoughts. And hence, now we think that it is time, you get to know the team, that is 'us', better. 

The ones who set it all right before they left...
Ms. Bakshree Mishra [ Batch - 2014, CSE ] 

 With her zane of vibrant energy, she brought us all together and came up with all those fresh ideas. Her crazy determination and relentless effort was the reason of birth of "CET Rising". We wish her all the luck for her life ahead; to continue being the person she has always been.

Ms. Priyambada Choudhury [ Batch - 2014, I&E ]

 Being the happy person she is, she makes sure she spreads her brand of joy all around her. Working in a team with her was our pleasure and knowing her was a delight. Toward a new life she has ventured, leaving a story behind.

Ms. Aishwariya Dhal [ Batch - 2014, Mechanical ]

 Her sweet support was all that was needed to get us all going. The occasional smiles and words of encouragement made it all the more happening! We let her know that the memories are all safe with us.

The ones who are taking it forward...[ In their own words ]

Ms. Jessica Mohapatra [ Batch - 2015, Electrical ]

 Hi. My hobbies are singing, charcoal painting, reading books and ( from the time I joined CET Rising ) blogging. I am a friendly, outspoken, fun-loving, and adventurous sort of a person who loves travelling and meeting new people. 

Ms. Pratikshya Satpathy [ Batch - 2015, Textile ]

Hi. I am a very friendly and easy going person. I love to communicate with people around and make friends. I believe in living life to the fullest despite regrets. I find poems the best way to express and thus sometimes try my hads at poetry. I love reading books. 'CET Rising' has been an excellent platform for communicating with the mass and I hope we, as a team, take it ahead !

Ms. Sradha Suman mahapatra [ Batch - 2015, Electrical ]  Hiya. I am not a writer, but i like writing and I do it when I want to. I am, as you must have already guessed, whimsical and I believe in 'plans-ruin-all-the-fun' theory. I am waiting for some Narnia-like adventure to happen in my life, but till then 'CET Rising' is just as good. "Live, Love and laugh" is what has been my philosophy for life.

Ms. Tejass Vittaa [ Batch - 2016 , BioTech ]

I am outrageous. Laugh out silly. Fun. love meeting new people and getting new ideas. Fashion junkie. I adore this zany materialistic world and absolutely love making an entrance. I hate being lifeless or bland at any point of time. Adventurous. Limitless. I write. Also an avid reader. And my drug is public speaking. When I want to do something I just do it. No second thoughts. A regular emotional girl. Actually, a bit of everything. And that's exactly what defines me. I am comfortable in my own imperfection and being exquisitely me.

And now,
The ones who are to be a part of the Team-Pentastic !

Since, three of our senior members left us, we plan to include new people into the team, who will bring in their brand of enthusiasm and creativity to help CET Rising flourish. Those who think being a Pen-tastic is cool and those who want to make it cool-er, go to the link given below and fill up the form. We'll then invite you for a two-round selection process after a week. Yes, you have only a week to register yourself. Do it fast ! Or you'll miss it. 


We are eagerly waiting to work with new people and on their new ideas !

Thank you Shivani Das.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

For the book lover :The Alchemist

By: Jessica Mohapatra
The Alchemist newest edition,(the one I got)
(the first edition of alchemist)

Tempted by the 25th year celebration of this Paulo Coelho book in my nearest bookstore,I decided to take the plunge.This was the first time I was reading a Paulo Coelho book and just one word to describe it ‘Mesmerizing’ .

The book 'The alchemist' is very inspiring and marks the adventures of a Spanish boy ,Santiego  and his journey to Egypt to seek his treasure, his true destiny.The entire book tries to instill in us the belief that’ if you want something then the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’
‘Where your true treasure is there will be your heart and one who reads the omens of God and passes all  obstacles is the true hero. This book is very motivating.

It is a thin book but heavy in it’s contents, it shows us that God is with them who endeavor to pursue their destiny and that love is not an obstacle but a guiding force that  enables the beloved to achieve the impossible.

Reader Rating:3/5
(P:S the Om  Shanti Om ,SRK dialog ‘kisi cheez ko dil se chaho …..’is the Hindi translation of the moral of ‘The Alchemist’.)
This book is a must read for those who like simple, heart winning stories.

Best part of the book:The surprise twist at the end(wasn’t expected from such a simple book)

Best time to read:At night,this short and sweet book will definitely keep nightmares away as it strengthens your belief in The Almighty.

(PS:This book is bound to inspire you, make you calmer and help you find your true destiny,
it helps you realize that God helps them who help themselves.. so... help yourselves with this book and...Happy Reading!!!)

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


By: Pratikshya Satpathy


A Fox Star Studios production.
Produced by Vashu Bhagnani.
Sajid Khan
Saif Ali Khan, Riteish Deshmukh, Ram Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Esha Gupta, Tamannaah Bhatia, Satish Shah, Chunky Pandey

There may be multiple look-alikes, but they don't exactly double the fun in this tedious, witless outing from director Sajid Khan.

Doppelgangers abound in “Humshakals,” 'Sajid Khan’s latest celebration of crass stupidity, in which a billionaire businessman and his best bud try to fend off a villainous uncle’s dastardly machinations — all amid the orchestrated chaos engendered by multiple lookalikes, each one more idiotic than the next. The problem is not the stretched improbability of the film’s premise, or even the political incorrectness of its caricatured stereotypes (this is slapstick, after all), but rather that the actors fail to come off as funny in any of their incarnations. Even fans of Khan’s bottom-of-the-barrel humor (“Housefull,” “Housefull 2”) might be put off by this tedious, witless outing, the pic’s strong B.O. performance notwithstanding.
Logic exists hastily and this seems like a two-and-a-half hour assault on your intelligence.
Humshakals opens with a 43-going-on-23 Saif Ali Khan trying his hand at stand-up comedy. He has a rich-boy name Ashok Singhania(Saif Ali Khan) and lives in London, of course. What other this city is worthy of is a super-rich Indian who owns a Karan Johar-set-like mansion, to which he commutes in a private chopper with a tacky golden ‘S’ emblazoned on the side!! So Singhania is a hotshot industrialist, but is apparently also passionate about upsetting audiences with terrible jokes. 
Ironically, he is the perfect representative of writer-director Sajid Khan, whose own low-IQ films are peppered with sad, often offensive jokes. This latest seems less a work of cinema and more a social experiment to test the lowest threshold for what can be passed off as entertainment.

What is truly baffling is why Saif would pick such a ridiculous role, again (wasn't Bullett Raja a lesson?), and why Riteish continues to play the goofball in film after film and so is Ram Kapoor.

Jokes rain down incessantly — increasingly unfunny, disparaging dwarves, the LGBT community, people from the north-east and the mentally challenged. Production values go down the drain; as the filmmakers didn't even bother to edit out the scenes where the lead is clearly wearing height-enhancing shoes while dancing! 

As social experiments go, this one tests patience rather than intelligence. It takes every ounce of the former not to take the cue from Ashok’s audience at the outset and leave
This is all we have to say about this Friday release "HUMSHAKALS" rest you can check as you hit the nearest multiplex in the city! 

STARS: 2/5

Saturday, 21 June 2014

By: Tejass Vittaa

                       THE CLASS OF PANACHE


We have regular classes like mechanics and electronics. We slog over them, curse them during our exams and wished them away like this intense summer heat! But girls and boys here’s something that team Pentastic has thought of and tonight marks its first day of execution. To break away from the routine and monotony of our lackluster life, we have decided to throw in splashes of glitz, glamour and entertainment! Every fortnight we seek to bring to you global fashion trends, style tips and tricks, fitness, beautycare, health and CELEBRITIES.

Your one stop destination for a veritable understanding on this Fitness and Fashion obsessed era. Caught up in this snowball, there is hardly anyone who dosen’t want to look good! As your Femina and Harper’s Bazaar rolled into one eye-catching model, we help you enhance your awareness on the importance of developing your persona and outlook and in this process your confidence. Hit all the right notes with the Fashion Police with us. And get prepared. To dazzle and amaze the world with the new YOU.

FASHION. Let me first drive away your common misconceptions on the meaning of this word. It does not mean solely what our celebrities wear or what’s available in the pricey stores. Anywhere and everywhere what is more prevalent is street fashion. The style adopted by the common man. You don’t have to shell out huge bucks in a high-priced boutique everytime there’s a party! A floral dress handpicked from the streets matched with the right accessories( shoes, bag and jewellery) and make-up will make you look no less than a million bucks! J And that’s precisely what I am going to tutor you on. The basics and all the mix and match you can do depending on the occasion and your mood.
On becoming Lancome's first black ambassador, Oscar-winner Lupita Nyong'o commented, "beauty should not be dictated, but should instead be an expression of a woman's freedom to be herself.”
This is my mantra and should be every girl’s mantra! Learn to be YOURSELF.

Today I am going to take you through a tour of what girls of all ages love the most. The DRESS. This quintessential piece of clothing is a wardrobe essential for every girl! We can’t even imagine the horror :D Think of it as all-in-one, just zip and go outfits that can easily be gussied up or toned down. No matter where the winds of fashion take us, the Dress will always be a staple! Now for most of you embroiled in the current weather trouble (DEAR GOD PLEASE TAKE NOTICE. WE CAN’T BEAR THIS HEAT ANYMORE) the dress provides a much needed relief. It’s exactly what it looks like. Light, cool, summery, easy breezy and hassle-free!

So with summer and fall upon us, we've been eyeing up our favourite dresses to see us through the seasons. From colourful abstract and floral prints to dramatic colour blocking, pretty pastels to all white, we've got the hottest summer trends sewn up in my top edits.
Whether it's long or short, casual or formal or for home or abroad, click through for some truly dreamy summer dresses.
Here are the various types of dresses commonly worn by most. Let this be the beginning of your fashion education.
Take a look through and pick your personal favourite :D

1.  Maxi Dress:

It was an apt dress for the neo-feminist movement and hippie culture that took over the 1970s.  With focus on themes such as nature, goddesses and folkloric fashion trends for the maxi dress’ designs, women bought dresses made of natural materials and had a feminine print. Particularly, 30s-inspired prints like floral, gingham and paisley plus lace trim and psychedelic patterns were popular. The movie Dr. Zhivago contributed to the dresses rising to popularity. In its resurgence this date, maxi dresses in bright colors, trendy styles and expressive prints are flaunted by celebrities.

When choosing a maxi dress, solid colors are your best bet, as this will give you a long, continuous line from top to bottom. Coming in in second place is a small, consistent pattern – the general rule of thumb is that the size of the print should be no larger than your fist.Aim for a top-of-the-toe-grazing length – whether you opt to wear heels or flats!  You want to maxi-mize the line that the dress is giving you by stretching it out as far as possible!Go with the flow – and by flow, we mean flowy. You want to find a material that is going to drape well – wear the dress, don’t let the dress wear you! Choose a soft jersey that will skim your body, move with you, and be super comfortable – it’s a win-win-win! Pay attention to the neckline!  A universally flattering halter style is always a good choice – plus, they tend to have adjustable ties, even better!  V-necklines are another great option as they elongate the body.Flatter your waistline by choosing a maxi dress with a tie that cinches the waist – or throw on a narrow belt if needed!
This flower print dress looks great on Jessica Alba. The star known for her elegance  looks chic and contemporary. Go alba!

Paris Hilto looks simply stunning in this gorgeous drama maxi dress. Showing of her curves perfectky, she's all woman <3

Famous Bollywood sweetheart Dia Mirza looks PERFECT in this beach maxi dress. she knows how to dress to her shape and has teamed it with matching accessories and a neat pulled back hairdo.

Sonam Kapoor looks ever bit the Bollywood Princess with the grecian, pinkish hued maxi. the white laced jacket is gorge but the simple hairdo and makeup is the show-stealer. We are officially in L-O-V-E

Not  many people could get away with wearing an all-white, form-fitting white maxi but teen heartthrob Miley Cyrus looks chic every inch. The leather jacket is the coolest match and the slick hairdo gives her a simple elegance. Not to forget the contrasting neckpiece gets a big thumbs up!
                                                Bollywood heroines go all out with the Maxi!!
                                 There's a reason why Deepika Padukone trumps our best-dressed list <3

The flowy maxi dresses are all the rage these days. Don't hesitate girls. bring out your inner Goddess :)

2.  Midi Dress:

 If you’re wondering how to wear a midi dress, it might be helpful to first of all define what a midi dress actually IS. Technically, a “midi” is a term used to refer to any dress or skirt with a hem which hits a mid-calf – halfway between the knee and ankle

The trend became popular in the mid ’50s where women were outfitted in floral flared skirts and dresses. This demure hemline has been appearing on the runways for a while now and it seems it’s here to stay. However, its shed the dowdy, prim avatar. Thanks to designers like Victoria Beckham andDiane Von Furstenberg.
For many people, footwear is the biggest stumbling block of all when it comes to working out how to wear a midi dress. You’re probably not going to like this, but our advice here is to consider the maxim,“The higher the hem, the lower the heel”. This works in reverse, too, and we’d suggest that when you’re wearing a hem which is longer than knee-length (but shorter than a maxi), it’s a good excuse to break out the heels. Midi dresses, by their very nature, will have a tendency to make you look shorter and stumpier: they cut across the leg at its widest part, and this is the reason so many people find them very unflattering. To combat this, you’re going to need to do what you can to elongate the leg, and that means heels. yay :D

Here's a look at the midi dresses at this year's People's Choice awards! 
Jullian Rose Reed accentuated her gorge hourglassfigure with a flirty fit-n-flare that shows off her curves. The red head-to-toe ensemble with her fiery locks and fair skin.
Always the glam girl, Nina Dobrev was our pick for the best dressed of the night. Her long sleeved midi dress is a bit more serious than others but the sequin details totally makes it ared carpet success.
With a bold-pattern and fun one-shoulder sillhoutte, Lucy hale channeled her inner aria Montgomery at the awards. If you are petite like Lucy, go for a shorter version of this trend as calf-length style can make you look stout.

                            Pirate Kiera Knightley sure knows how to score a perfect 10 on Red Carpet

Pick a form-fitting dress like Deepika. It will accentuate your curves and make you look taller. Always pair with heels.
 Take a leaf from Ms Singh’s style by pairing them with espadrilles.
                                    Selena knows how to flaunt and we literally hoot on her beach look!
                                                             Look all girly with floral midis
                                          Never a hair out of place, our perfect Jennifer Aniston!
We absolutely heart the jacket detailing and the absolutely chic bag <3

Sonam wore this midi length at Cannes and stole hearts!!

It looks like this year, celebs are ditching the mini skirts and long ball gowns for the perfect compromise—a below-the-knee midi length. Way less formal than its floor-length counterparts but easier to pull off
than super short styles, the midi looks great on everyone.
Ultimately, of course, the question of how to wear a midi dress will depend on the type of dress you’re wearing, and the type of dress you should go for will depend on a lot of different factors including your body shape, personal style and where you’re planning to wear it. While we can’t tell you exactly which dress to go for, however, and everyone’s preference will be different here, we would suggest that fitted styles can be more flattering than loose ones. You don’t have to go for a bodycon dress, (although, as with heels, it’s far easier to get away with something skin-tight when you’re wearing a longer hem), but look for tailored shapes and fitted waistlines, if your dress has a full skirt. Large swathes of fabric on a longer-length dress can completely drown the wearer, and end up looking sack-like, and trust us: a sack-dress is even HARDER to wear than a midi dress!
Become a boho-chic with the midi girls and be an eye turner!

Girls this is it for today. But stay tuned for next week when I talk about the stunners Shift dress and the screamer Little Black Dress. Yes the LBD! So don't miss out.

Panache Pick of the Week: 

                          The B&W Striped Maxi

Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and Kim Kardashian all sporting the look! A perfect LOOK.

Friday, 20 June 2014


By: Team PenTastic

    Poem:-by Sourav Soumyajit Mohanty

    Branch-Instrumentation and Electronics Engineering ,2nd year

(the picture might take some time to open)Beautiful isn't it!!

 Neither bothered a bit about the disgrace of abrasion nor did I care
for the peaceful cushion,

probably always destined to surpass the clouds of depression;no matter
how hard the pain of Augustus-suppression.....(1)

From goldsmiths to brides,from kings to knights though certified the
unavoidable appreciation,

no one understands the pressure of limelight's desperation as I always
avoid the burden of over-contemplation.....(2)

Platini's skills,Apollo's strength and Aglaea's beauty are the only
gems I treat immoral in the creation,

diamond's valuable life turns out to be pale and often beaten by the
over or underrated consideration.....(3)

Afraid of Aristotelic hyle n being cursed to be imagined sluggish and
inept by impression,

despite the unkempt conspiration,never intend to go beyond the
limiting factors of destruction.....(4)

The science of allotropy might have seen the similarity between me n
coal in desperation,

but every theory is yet to explain the vigour n stamina established in
me by my wrathful frustration.....(5)