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Friday, 15 August 2014

CET-Rising : The Induction Phase-2

By: Pratikshya Satpathy
Amongst all the hush hush that was prevailing over a week or two came to an end this afternoon (13.08.2014) when we all met together to carry out the much awaited second round of the induction process for our own official blog "CET-Rising" powered by CETADEL.

The Induction Process At A Glance

It was about 1:00 p.m. in the afternoon when my classes got over and I headed to the canteen to grab my lunch. Midway it struck to me and i immediately took my cell phone from my pocket to ring Sradha. Collecting her response i rushed to C-203 where we already had a pretty number of enthusiastic students waiting for the induction to start. Moreover, already Sradha and Jessica were present in the room interacting with the contenders, briefing them a bit about CET-Rising.
Well going by indian standards as the 1:30 p.m. thing tolled upto 1:50 pm and still we had students pouring in we decided to start the formal induction sharp at 2pm. And just in time entered Tejass Vitta who introduced herself as well as the core members of CET-Rising i.e. Sradha Suman Mahapatra, Pratikshya Satpathy and Jessica Mohapatra. The introduction was followed by a brief about CET-Rising, what all the blog covers and how it has proliferated through almost every happening issue in CET.
Then we introduced the participants to the next round of the induction process.The rules were announced and instructions were made clear to everyone. Here basically every student had to write an entry on an issue of his/her interest i.e. politics, sports, fashion or anything of their interest withing 150 words. They were allowed a stipulated time of 15 minutes to complete the task. Inorder to maintain a fair game we also had introduced a token system to keep the individual's identity a secret. After exact 15 minutes the papers were collected.
Jessica and Tejass helping out the participants
Then the next round was explained by Sradha. Here we had to check the compatibilty of the individuals and how well they perform as a team. Keeping that in view I and Jessica divided the students into groups of 3. Of all the 9 groups formed each of them was asked to choose a topic related to any specific area of CET, i.e. college canteen, academic block, laboratories, library, placements etc. and work as a team and pour in their ideas onto their pieces of paper. For this activity we gave them a time limit of 25 minutes and all the groups were set to action.
After 25 minutes all papers were collected and and the students were asked to retain their tokens, as losing of tokens would subject their entries from getting disqualified and they might not qualify into further selection procedures. 
After a hectic session of 1hour an 35minutes the second round of the induction process came to an end. As gradually students dispersed towards the VOIX session that was held almost after the induction, still I can ensure that we had fun during this round of induction.
Folks the results of this round will be out soon and the selected ones will be notified for the further procedures. So stay hooked to the CET-Rising page @ Facebook for more details.

                                                  Pratikshya & Sradha in action! 

                                               Students busy writing their entries

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

The Placement Cell - Who does it all !

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

Hurriedly I climbed up the stairs, taking a peep at my watch. It was 10:33 am and as always, I was late, by a whole 3 minutes. Taking two steps with each leap, I reached the orientation hall at exactly 10:34 am. Passing a moderate crowd of parents and students, who had arrived for counselling, I reached at the door that said, "Training and Placement Officer" and there he was, Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir, sitting on his chair, facing towards the computer, talking over his phone and going through some documents; all at the same time. Seeing him busy, I waited for some time with my CET_Photofactory friends, while he, along with around six Placement Co-ordinators, was busy discussing about something that seemed very important. Of course. with Maruti Suzuki in line, the placement cell had a lot to do. After around an hour or so, finally, we were called in. With a smile, he greeted us and the interview began and then continued for the next fifteen minutes. Come let's know, what the placement cell of CET is upto, lately; how hard is our Training and Placement Officer working to get us placed and who are the people helping him do it ! 

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir [ Dept-Mech], Training and Placement Officer, CET
Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

SRADHA: Good morning, Sir. I'm Sradha and I'm here on behalf of The CET Rising. Sir, first of all, thank you for sparing some time for this interview from your busy schedule. As we can see, you and your team are completely occupied with several duties. As this is one of those busy placement seasons, we're curious to know about what the placement cell is up to right now. Can you brief us about the current plans of the placement cell and the immediate tasks that you're focusing on ?

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: Current plans..Uh! In the 2014 pass-out batch, we came across many companies, mostly software companies. So all of them have promised us to take a good number of students, provided we give them the first slot. Starting from TCS, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, all the companies are asking for the first slot. But, of course, we can give the first slot to only one company or we will have to go for a sharing mode. But, TCS is not ready for the sharing mode. It wants the first slot; they want to be the first to conduct recruitment in our college. They won't come otherwise. 

SRADHA: Then , Sir, how is this being handled ?

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: Now, we are in the process of convincing the companies. We're trying to give them dream slots. If they will be willing then the procedure will be materialized. Otherwise, we've some other companies in pipeline. We'll try to give them the second and third slots.

SRADHA: Well, sir there has already been some campus recruitment for this year. And also almost all our seniors from the 2014 batch have been placed at good places...

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: Actually, the placement of the 2014 batch is not over; it's still continuing, off-campus mostly. But most of them have been placed.

SRADHA: Well, sir, most of the times, we've seen you busy with the placement work. This time also, we saw that you were with the students, at ITER and KIIT, upto 10 to 11 pm. Sir, after having worked day and night for hours together, how do you feel when you see your students getting placed; coming out with offer letters in their hands ?

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: You see, it is actually a great pleasure, as a placement officer, to see my students get placed. That is exactly what this department or this cell is for and we want maximum number of our students to get placed. But in addition to that, we also want that our students should get placed at higher packages. We are mainly focusing on increasing our average package, this year because we already have a good number; that is around 80% placement has been seen for the last 3 years. So now number is not an issue, higher package is what we are looking at. We're contacting the core companies, mainly. Some of them have agreed and there is more to do; a lot of work to do !

Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

SRADHA: We see you and your team working so hard, already, Sir. That is really encouraging. 

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: Because of additional charge, you see, I cannot focus strictly on CET's placement. I am also doing some work at BPUT, earlier some work at JEE. So I am unable to concentrate totally on the placement of CET as my total effort is divided into 3 to 4 areas, which is actually not what is needed. There should be one permanent and dedicated person appointed, who will only be looking at the placement department. Then only our average package will increase because he will get more time and he can contact all the core companies who are willing to pay above 6-7 lakhs per annum. That is actually needed. If one person is dedicated towards the Training and Placement cell then the average package can go up, because as I already said, now number is not a matter of worry for CET. There are so many companies in pipeline, who we are not being able to give slots.

SRADHA: Sir, this was also one of my questions. When we were at KIIT for Mu Sigma's recruitment process, this time, we saw more than fifteen to twenty faculty members sitting there, while from CET only you were present. So...

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: Uh ! There are other faculty members too, but they are also engaged in other duties. Being a government college, all the faculty members are given some additional responsibilities; all are busy. That's why, as you rightly said, you go anywhere, you will find 10-15 faculty members always associated with the placement and they are looking after all the HR and technical needs of the recruiters, where as, we are short of that. Probably, in future, we will also do that!

SRADHA: Sir, as you said, the number of students getting placed is already good and the focus is on higher packages now. How do you think CET's infrastructure is preventing that from happening ?

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: That is a good question. But the infrastructure now you are seeing is much different from the time you had first entered this college. There has been a vertical expansion in all the areas. So, once it is completed, I think we will be in a better position to take care of the needs of the HR personnel from companies. We have got feedback, regarding infrastructure, from some very highly reputed companies, that we should improve our infrastructure. And that has also hampered some of the companies' fame and they have simply run out of the campus due to lack of bare minimum infrastructure. So we will have to improve and I hope that when all the vertical expansion will be carried out, within two-three months we will be able to give a good environment to the companies. But, I am only hopeful. And again, that will help us ask many companies to come to our campus. This time, Mu Sigma was interested to hold the recruitment process in our campus; even TekSystems. But I was in a fear that if I call them, they may not come next year with the available infrastructure or facilities. But for the next year, we have requested them and they have promised us to come to our campus.

Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

SRADHA: In fact, the infrastructure is improving, we all can see. It will be really good when the work is over. Sir, moving on to my next question. Though our faculty members are not able to give much time to the training and placement cell due to several other responsibilities, we always see our Placement Co-ordinators running here and there and...

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: Yeah, yeah, yeah ! The placement cell of CET is running only due to the Placement co-ordinators. They help a lot and particularly a few of them, four to five co-ordinators in all the years, who are working day and night. And this number, whatever you are seeing, is only due to these PCs; No placement officer, no one. All the credit goes to them; 4-5 of them, not all. They have worked relentlessly. They have co-ordinated various work with me; even during their summer vacations, they helped me clear all the 2014 batch certificates, mark-sheets, all these things and along with that they helped me send request letters to the companies. So, for them only, we have been able to achieve this 80 % number. All the credit is theirs.

SRADHA: Indeed, Sir ! They have been working really hard. But, sir, there is one question that bothers us. Why is there such negligible participation of girls in the placement cell ?

Dr. S.K. Pradhan Sir: We do have girls. But there is only one at present. See, we had requested all the Heads of the branches to nominate two student co-ordinators. But we haven't got a single girl co-ordinator till date. We received a name from Computer Science and Engineering branch, and we selected her. Had we got more names, we could have selected more girls. If two to three girl co-ordinators will be there, it will also be very helpful in welcoming the delegates and in many other ways that will be helpful.

SRADHA: We hope, next time, we will have more girl members and also more and better companies with better packages. Thank you sir, for talking to us and sharing such valuable information with us. We are really grateful.

[ As I extended my hand forward, he made a gentle hand-shake and then went on to shake hands with our CET_Photofactory friends. We closed the door behind us, while he went back to his files and computer. The PCs dashed into the room, shortly.] 

The team of Pen-tastics take this opportunity to offer its thankfulness as well as appreciation to our Training and Placement officer, Dr. S.K.Pradhan Sir and his team of hardworking PCs for putting such a relentless and remarkable effort for bettering the placement status of our college

The much lauded team of Placement co-ordinators
Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

[ From the start, through the wait and during and after the interview, there were these two people, who kept taking pictures without a stop and never even once complained. And who can it be, other than the CET_Photofactory. Thank you, Kishan and Rajat for such warm cooperation, yet again.

As many as we could get hold of!
   Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

9 out of the ten placed at Mu Sigma
Picture Credits: CET_Photofactory

[ We're trying to arrange for the picture of those who are placed at "FCS TekSystems". It will be uploaded as soon as we have it ]

Thursday, 31 July 2014

VOIX- The Battle of Words !

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra
After a boring seminar session, I walked lazily towards the college canteen to grab a bite of the cheapest item available, that would also decently fill up my stomach for the next four hours. Well, when your mum tells you that 'it's a Thursday', you start calculating your budget for the day and the painful regret of spending like you're a millionaire when you had money, crosses your mind. But anyway, with a little difficulty, though, when I struggled to enjoy the spice-less, uninteresting plain noodles, a junior [ Anirban Pati ] calls out, "Di, time ho gaya ! ". Mid-lunch, I say, " Is it 2 already ? ". And he shows me the time. It was 2.05 pm. Hurriedly, I finished the plate of chowmein and rushed towards room no.205 for the first voix session of the semester. Excited and nervous, I dashed into the room. After about fifteen minutes of wait, we were finally ten people [ two people joined us mid-discussion ] divided into two groups.

The topic was "UNION BUDGET- 2014 : RELEVANCE TO COMMON MAN". We separated into two groups of five participants each and named ourselves- "The Attackers" and "The Defenders". The defenders had to defend the budget and the attackers had to oppose the defenders on accounts of the relevance of the budget to the common man. Then after the discussion had continued for a period of 15 minutes, the groups had to switch their roles, that is, the Defenders attack and the Attackers defend. The groups were made as follows:

 DEFENDERS[for first round]                                     ATTACKERS[for first round]
 Anirban Pati [3rd yr]                                             Sradha Suman mahapatra [4th yr]
 Sidhharth Patnaik [3rd yr]                                     Pratikshya Satpahy [4th yr]
 Biswanath Nanda [2nd yr]                                     Amlan Patnaik [3rd yr]
 Manish Behera [ 2nd yr ]                                       Vignesh Sai [ 2nd yr]
 Samidha Ratho [2nd yr]                                         Ipseeta Panigrahi [2nd yr ]

After all the rules were clarified, the teams were ready, and our friends from the CET_Photofactory [ Kishan and Lipak ] were all set with their cameras, the debate was started by a second year student, Manish Behera on behalf of his team 'the Defenders'. He started with the details of renewed tax redemption policies and other benefits for senior citizens and very senior citizens decided in the budget. He also gave details regarding housing loans and interest rates, giving a good start to the discussion. He was then replied by the Attackers' Sradha, who put forth the argument against the ill-justification of mere 50,000 rupee-increase in the limits for taxation, debated against the inefficient renewal of the old policies and then went on to criticize the failure of the government to reduce prices of daily-use commodities. Thereafter, the debate took its shape with each participant coming forward to put their arguments and some extremely intelligent points. Some of the first-time participants of second year had come fully equipped with facts and data and were seen making an aggressive effort. Some of them were among the top performers of the day. Vignesh, Biswanath and Manish placed some really useful points that helped the discussion grow. An interesting, almost-face-off like situation cropped up among the third year participants, Amlan, Sidhharth and Anirban, heating up the debate and making it all the more fun. Each participant came up with arguments ranging from tax-system to the allotment unds for women empowerment, education and skill development. The statue of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel was one of the longest debated areas. Two participants, Samidha and Ipseeta, again of second year, though joined late, made their presence felt. Pratikshya of final year decided not to speak and give a chance to the juniors today. And while we all were buried in the discussion, our CET_Photofactory friends worked their ways through their lenses, clicking pictures of us speaking, shouting and thinking. Like this, after around 40 minutes, exceeding the decided time, the debate ended. The participants were still full of energy and were willing to continue for another half an hour, if not for the time-constraints.
Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory
Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory
Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory

At the end, the participants introduced themselves to the other members and gave their feedback for the very first session of Voix of this semester. Then, each one of us was given a piece of paper, wherein we were asked to write the name(s) of the person(s) who we thought was the "Best Speaker of the day". As per the chits, the BEST SPEAKER OF THE DAY was Anirban pati with seven votes. All in all, the session was a success with so many enthusiastic participants. We hope the next session, we get a similar or a better response with new participants joining us with their fresh ideas. 

Picture Credits : CET_Photofactory

When it was all over, Lipak [ From the CET_Photofactory ] called us for a group picture and we all ended the day with a long "Cheeeese" . We are extremely thankful to the team of CET_Photofactory for joining hands with us and helping us reach and achieve more. Thank you !

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Meet the Pen-Tastics !

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra

 Aloha, folks ! 

It's been quite some time that this team of Pen-tastics started this endeavor to connect all the CETians and Ex-CETians via this medium; to bring you CET-ifacts and to help you spread your thoughts. And hence, now we think that it is time, you get to know the team, that is 'us', better. 

The ones who set it all right before they left...
Ms. Bakshree Mishra [ Batch - 2014, CSE ] 

 With her zane of vibrant energy, she brought us all together and came up with all those fresh ideas. Her crazy determination and relentless effort was the reason of birth of "CET Rising". We wish her all the luck for her life ahead; to continue being the person she has always been.

Ms. Priyambada Choudhury [ Batch - 2014, I&E ]

 Being the happy person she is, she makes sure she spreads her brand of joy all around her. Working in a team with her was our pleasure and knowing her was a delight. Toward a new life she has ventured, leaving a story behind.

Ms. Aishwariya Dhal [ Batch - 2014, Mechanical ]

 Her sweet support was all that was needed to get us all going. The occasional smiles and words of encouragement made it all the more happening! We let her know that the memories are all safe with us.

The ones who are taking it forward...[ In their own words ]

Ms. Jessica Mohapatra [ Batch - 2015, Electrical ]

 Hi. My hobbies are singing, charcoal painting, reading books and ( from the time I joined CET Rising ) blogging. I am a friendly, outspoken, fun-loving, and adventurous sort of a person who loves travelling and meeting new people. 

Ms. Pratikshya Satpathy [ Batch - 2015, Textile ]

Hi. I am a very friendly and easy going person. I love to communicate with people around and make friends. I believe in living life to the fullest despite regrets. I find poems the best way to express and thus sometimes try my hads at poetry. I love reading books. 'CET Rising' has been an excellent platform for communicating with the mass and I hope we, as a team, take it ahead !

Ms. Sradha Suman mahapatra [ Batch - 2015, Electrical ]  Hiya. I am not a writer, but i like writing and I do it when I want to. I am, as you must have already guessed, whimsical and I believe in 'plans-ruin-all-the-fun' theory. I am waiting for some Narnia-like adventure to happen in my life, but till then 'CET Rising' is just as good. "Live, Love and laugh" is what has been my philosophy for life.

Ms. Tejass Vittaa [ Batch - 2016 , BioTech ]

I am outrageous. Laugh out silly. Fun. love meeting new people and getting new ideas. Fashion junkie. I adore this zany materialistic world and absolutely love making an entrance. I hate being lifeless or bland at any point of time. Adventurous. Limitless. I write. Also an avid reader. And my drug is public speaking. When I want to do something I just do it. No second thoughts. A regular emotional girl. Actually, a bit of everything. And that's exactly what defines me. I am comfortable in my own imperfection and being exquisitely me.

And now,
The ones who are to be a part of the Team-Pentastic !

Since, three of our senior members left us, we plan to include new people into the team, who will bring in their brand of enthusiasm and creativity to help CET Rising flourish. Those who think being a Pen-tastic is cool and those who want to make it cool-er, go to the link given below and fill up the form. We'll then invite you for a two-round selection process after a week. Yes, you have only a week to register yourself. Do it fast ! Or you'll miss it. 


We are eagerly waiting to work with new people and on their new ideas !

Thank you Shivani Das.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

For the book lover :The Alchemist

By: Jessica Mohapatra
The Alchemist newest edition,(the one I got)
(the first edition of alchemist)

Tempted by the 25th year celebration of this Paulo Coelho book in my nearest bookstore,I decided to take the plunge.This was the first time I was reading a Paulo Coelho book and just one word to describe it ‘Mesmerizing’ .

The book 'The alchemist' is very inspiring and marks the adventures of a Spanish boy ,Santiego  and his journey to Egypt to seek his treasure, his true destiny.The entire book tries to instill in us the belief that’ if you want something then the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’
‘Where your true treasure is there will be your heart and one who reads the omens of God and passes all  obstacles is the true hero. This book is very motivating.

It is a thin book but heavy in it’s contents, it shows us that God is with them who endeavor to pursue their destiny and that love is not an obstacle but a guiding force that  enables the beloved to achieve the impossible.

Reader Rating:3/5
(P:S the Om  Shanti Om ,SRK dialog ‘kisi cheez ko dil se chaho …..’is the Hindi translation of the moral of ‘The Alchemist’.)
This book is a must read for those who like simple, heart winning stories.

Best part of the book:The surprise twist at the end(wasn’t expected from such a simple book)

Best time to read:At night,this short and sweet book will definitely keep nightmares away as it strengthens your belief in The Almighty.

(PS:This book is bound to inspire you, make you calmer and help you find your true destiny,
it helps you realize that God helps them who help themselves.. so... help yourselves with this book and...Happy Reading!!!)