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Monday, 14 April 2014

By: Tejass Vittaa
                                                       RULING THE STREETS

This is the age of digitalization. This age where each of us now is a digital island. And guess what. The youth is actually getting restless! Bored! Fed up :P Now come on. For how long will it be just I, me and my screen. People need to get together not robots .There are hardly few ways where we can actually come together and explore the human condition, the society. So yes people. Today we do carve some interpersonal contact. Some avenue through which we can get together, shout our lungs out against the ills of this world, condemn the unfairness of this society and get fired up to actually influence people to sit up and take notice- Folks be the change! Make the world a more humane place to live in!!

Now here in CET, we cetards have this amazing platform to inflame our blood boiling alter ego! “THE AMUZA” ( Well frankly not only that, but also to partially fulfill our childhood dream of becoming the next Shah Rukh Khan or Kareena Kapoor  :D)  Our official Dramatics society has heavily advocated the culture of street theatre or, as popularly known “NUKKAD NATAK”.  And special thanks to some amazing fourth year seniors who started this club from scratch and turned it into this inspiring and exciting endeavor. Hats off to them for leaving us with this legacy. (Don’t worry bhaiyas and didis. You will be given more coverage in the farewell article!)

This article is a snippet on the inter college Nukkad Natak competition organized during XTASY-2K14. Several teams participated and amazingly from CET itself 3 different teams! #Ah! CET -finally-a-college# There was a team from KIIT as well. All the teams performed really well.Each shone spectacularly through the social messages they were trying to put across!!  The judges for the event were our very own Srimant sir, Swagat sir and Kanhu sir. And the crowd. It looked like as if the entire college had descended  :P Man what an incredible crowd! They clapped, hooted and cheered along with the teams :D
Even though it was a tough decision, but ultimately the CET Amuzian team were crowned the winners!! #Gleefully-dancing-because-i-too-was-a member :D #

“Agaaz-Badalte bharat ki awaaz” was the name of the winning team. They were simply street theatre at its best. Bared of any artifice, the acting moved the onlookers. There was thunder and lightning as they made everyone laugh and cry!  

Yeh tera mera nukkad, Yeh sham savera nukkad.
Yeh aao saare nukkad, re saare aao nukkad
Yeh geet sunaye nukkad, yeh path padhaye nukkad
Yeh soch tumhari nukkad, awaaz humaari nukkad
Aao re chora chori, aao re gora gori. Nukkad.
The call song reverberated throughout the area! It was magnificent.

Their theme “ Hataye ye Prathaye” centered around various social ills and taboos prevailing in the society today.

The first story was based on a tantrik tricking a blindly-trusting and gullible mother into marrying her unwed daughter to a peepal tree and then a “DOG” to accelerate her prospects of getting a husband! #Yes-unbelievable-but-people-still-do-that!# Ultimately the baba pronounces her as maanglik and gets her killed.  And the crowd not only felt the pain but somehow also loved the crazy antics of Niranjan baba and his followers!
Purvajo ki pratha aur rishi muniyon ke naam pe ho raha ye ghor anarth..
Chalo milke band kare ye sab, band kare ye sab.

The second story was a hilarious depiction of a housewife who puts her maidservant above everyone else in the house. Not even her “janoo” husband matches upto kamla bai :D  But her trust is seen to be misplaced as the maid and her boyfriend steal all the valuables from the house and run off!
Kauwe ne chali hans ki chaal, kamla la gayi saara maal, ab dhote raho bartan pure saal
Naukrani ko raani banaane ka yahi hain haal, yahi hain haal!!

The third story starts off with a sweet and shy couple humming to the love song, pyaar haua ikraar hua.. And then suddenly pulled away from each as their respective birdraaris find it inappropriapriate as they belong to the same “gotra” and hence, are brother and sister! The thundering ” Humaari biraadri mein jaan se zyaada izzat ki kimmat hove hain” literally shook the ground! Bought to trial in front of a khap panchayat, the helplessness of the two star-crossed lovers and ultimately the boy’s death leaves the crowd outraged.

The fourth story, a narration on the issue of aarakshan moved the audience as a young meritorious boy is unable to get into the college of his choice inspite of securing good marks due to reservation. Unable to bear the taunts of his peers and the condemnation by his father, he decides to commit suicide.

Fifth story ensued as follows:
Followers-“Chillum bhai, Chillum bhai. Zindabad, Zindabad”
Chillum bhai- “ kyat tum mujhe doge?”
Followers- try to correct him in haste. “Bhai yeh kya bol rahe ho aap!!??”
Chillum bhai- “Galti ho jaati hai. Hum aapki lene aaye hain..” 
Followers-Vote, Vote!!
Crowd- Kyat tum hume doge NOTE NOTE?
Chillum bhai- “Teen so pachaaaaas”
It’s election time people. And the above scene was just a small remainder of the unethical practices routinely followed by corrupt candidates to secure votes.
This was followed by a scene where two friends, Paro and Chandra excitedly make shopping plans for the forthcoming wedding of Paro. But the unfortunate girls are unaware of the impending loom to befall on them right then, as a group of men manhandle them and ultimately go on to rape Paro even as Chandra cries to let her friend go. The true disgrace of the situation is highlighted when the rapists gleefully claim that, “Aaj to lunch aur dinner karke jaayenge”..
As Paro goes to the police station to get her FIR written, she is uttery humiliated by the policemen. The constable asks her ,” Kya hua, kaise hua, kidhar hua aur kahan kahan hua?” . Not only that she is offensively booted out of the thana when they realize political heavyweight Chillum bhai is also one of the rapists!

Kehte ho ladki ko lakshmi ka avatar, phir kyun hota hain har roz kisi daamini ka balaatkar.
Sachaai bikti hain sadko pe, phir bhi hum kehte hain satyamev jayate.
The entire scene was so well crafted that the crowd cried out in support of Paro!! J

The final story was an emotional roller-coaster. A fitting end to this saga. A depiction of something as common as domestic violence but always skirted by Indians because it’s uncomfortable for us to acknowledge its presence. To talk about it and find solutions. To encourage the victims to stand up for themselves. But this Nukkad certainly didn’t fool around as they portrayed the raw victimization of the daughter in-law by her husband and mother-in-law. From being a submissive battered person to eventually a person who stood up to her abusers, she represented a true fighter.

Sahu nahin, sahu nahin, ab in aasuyon mein bahu nahin. Kahu yahi, kahu yahi taki jaane ye sansaar.
Ab in zanjeero ko tadungi mein, kyunki khushiyon par hain mera bhi adhikaar.
Durga mein shakti main, aaj karungi insaaf.
Tere har ansh ko karungi vidvansh, andhkaar hoga tera.
And with this Durga maa finally destroyed the evil husband.
The entire crowd clapped and hooted as good triumphed over evil!!! J J

With an ending song, the show of over 30 minutes finally got over and brought back an enthralled audience back to reality and maybe, just maybe encouraged them to question themselves, “Did I ever do anything to change this?”
Everybody absolutely loved it and so did we.

Some hilarious behind the scenes moments:

Tejassvittaa’s hindi actually sucks. A lot. So she successfully managed to mess up her lines in some really creative ways. Like changing the gender entirely :D
Her dialogue: “ Meri beti ka shaadi ka umar kab ka jaa chuki hain, lekin abhi bhi uske haath kore hain”
Original dialogue: “Meri beti ki shaadi ki umar kab ki jaa chuki hain, lekin abhi bhi uske haath kore hain”
Another instance which just proved how sleepy Bhavna was!
Original sequence:
Biswa bhaiya: “Alakkkk Niraaaanjaan” *scarily*
Teji: “Babaaaa meri beti ki shaadi ho hi nahi rahi hai. Ab aap hi kuch upaya dijiye”
Bhavna: “Seriously? Till now?”
Bhavna’s sleepy sequence :P :
Biswa bhaiya: “Alakkkk Niraaaanjaan” *scarily*
Bhavna:” Seriously? Till now?”
Teji: “Babaaaa meri beti ki shaadi ho hi nahi rahi hai. Ab aap hi kuch upaya dijiye”
Poor baba. His follower sold him out :D :D

 Devasmita seemed pretty confused between sasural and sasuma :P
Anish: “Yeh kya din raat kamla, kamla laga rakha hain tumne?”
Devasmita: “Kamla chali gayi to bartan kya teri sasural dhoyegi?”   #ROFL-moment#

Allen bhaiya:” mari chore aur tare chori ne humari gaon ki band baja di.. Sorry sorry humari gaon ki naak kata di”
LOL. Gaon ka pata nahin unke grammar and gender sense ne band baja di!
Nutan bhaiya: O tau to bata kya kiya jaye.
Sachin bhaiya: “Mari biraadri mein jaan se zyaada kimat izzat ki hove hain. Izzat ki hove hain.. izzat ki hove hain..”  *And confidently saunters around forgetting his next dialogue which happened pretty much throughout the practice even till the last minute*

Abhijeet proved to be a true CETIAN.
Original dialogue: Maine kya kya sapne nahin dekhe the. Ki mera beta entrance pariksha mein awwal aayega aur IIT mein padhega.
Abhijeet’s improvised dialogue: Maine kya kya sapne nahin dekhe the. Ki mera beta entrance pariksha mein awwal aayega aur CET mein padhega.

And this dialogue retained even in the final performance! :D

Hilarity ensued when we had to figure out how to depict the rape scene without being too crude. It was decided that the dupatta of Subhashree (the girl supposedly getting raped) would be thrown up as a sign of the act of rape. But during the final performance, Subhashree who had tied her chunni in a knot couldn’t untie it! In desperation the rapist, Sachin bhaiya himself threw up his own chunni to save the act :P

This scene of domestic violence was the least practiced scene till the day before the competition. So during the 11th hour, this scene was practiced soo many times that everyone got fed up watching it again and again.The dialogue of Manisha, the bahu where she stands up for herself and finally says, “Bas ab aur nahin” had the entire team crowing with her in exasperation, BAS AB AUR NAHIN.

Each moment spent with the team practicing and improvising were invaluable. The memories will be treasured long even after each one of us leaves the college behind!
Our directors and scriptwriters

IT Nukkad :D

                                                  We love posing with Chillum Bhai

Posing a minute before the competition! :P

UDATI TARANGEY-Our official symbol for Nukkad Natak

2nd year Nukkad girls

Victory in our attitude.

Special thanks to all the fourth years Debshraddha didi for bringing energy and vibrance to the team, Fatma didi for scripting all the scenes, Nutan bhaiya for taking the responsibility of directing each and every second of the nukkad, Sachin bhaiya for motivating and inspiring us to improve at every stage, Vamsi bhaiya for consolidating and guiding us every time (And let’s not forget his indispensable role as our drummer!), Allen bhaiya for being our friend, guide and relentlessly helping us and Biswa bhaiya for being an amazing senior and making us laugh with his antics! Their presence was so assuring and comforting that they will be sorely missed by the rest of the team.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Foot Prints in the sands of time#5

By: Jessica Mohapatra
As life comes to a full circle for them, from being timid juniors to intimidating seniors, a journey of 4 very beautiful years comes to an end .We managed to corner some of our seniors who shared their 4 years of joy and pain with us.They have seen CET rise from  the dust... Lets see a glimpse of their experience in CET.

Aakankshya Das(4th yr ,BT)

A really humble and sweet person..recently we saw her as an anchor in Xtasy 2k14.

My best moment in CET- When I was selected for the Indian Academy of Sciences summer research fellowship program at International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology, New Delhi, the premier research centre for genetic engineering at the international level.

Worst moment in CET- When I misunderstood one of my best buddies. That is perhaps one such moment which I shall regret the most since it had almost put an end to the friendship between me and her.

Life after CET- Life is actually going to start from the day I step out of CET. We all know the sequence of school, high school and college life during which our promotion depends on the examination results but once the college days are over, we progress basing upon the extent of "Jackness" we have in all trades. Its almost equivalent to the sequencing of every new DNA that is "transformed" into our lives. I am both excited and nervous.
Tips for juniors- My dear juniors, if you really want to get some sunshine and some rain in your lives and if you really wanna grow up once again, college life is the best opportunity! Its the perfect time to enjoy life to the fullest but at the same time, one has to be Disciplined, Determined and Dedicated to continue rising forever. Its because once you reach the mountain top by toiling harder and harder during your college life, you will certainly find wings waiting there. Try out newer things and discover your potential and you never know when you become the rockstar! With warm greetings and best compliments, I wish you all a very happy, prosperous and bright future ahead!!!

Shovna Debata(4th yr,Civil)

A gifted Classical dancer,she has been performing   time and again in Xtasy with her troupe. Her  'Shiva Dance' this Xtasy won every ones heart.

 Worst Moment   in CET: First I must start with worst moment...my worst moment in Cet is when there was a big misunderstanding between me& my best buddies ..we had stopped talking for a month!!!That       month was killing me from inside!!!

Best Moment in CET:I have lots of BEST MOMENT!!Spending quality time with friends is itself the best moment in life!!,recently winning in INTERNATIONAL STUDENT MEET was my best moment which i will cherish..we all friends have attended IYF camp in Delhi..There we enjoyed a lot..dat am never going to forget in my lyf..recently my very special friend Smita Sahoo of CSC had prepared halwa on my birthday,it was such an emotional moment for me I just can't describe it ..there were none in the hostel..everybody had gone back home..still she gave me that surprise on my birthday ,tears rolled on my cheeks....so CET has given me wonderful memories which i will cherish forever..

Life after CET:LIFE AFTER CET will be a mature life where lots of responsibilities are going to come...my final aim is to crack IAS exam and serve the people:)!!

Tips for junior: MY dear juniors this is the best phase of your life!!Dont misuse or spoil it..enjoy everybit of college life..make as many friends as u can:)..college life is never going to come back once u pass out..live full!!:):)

Arpita Tripathy(4th yr,FAT)

Another very talented dancer specialises in modern dance ,a regular in almost all Xtasy dance events and hostel events.A fun loving person who enjoys her life to the fullest.  

Worst Moment in CET-CET has given me lot of worst moments but if I say now then it won't end ,so i would like to share one from those.people in Cet have known me as a dancer but when I say I am a trained singer they laugh at me  arey yaar seriously maine 10yrs sikha hai.

Best Moment in CET-The best moment I would say is that being in Cet I got a cute little brother Akash Das who means a lot to me.And yes i met friends like Amrit,Nazir n how i can forget my 2 cute n beautiful sisters Megha di n Sweta di n my golumon Aishwarya .The list doesnt end up here....at the end of my btech lyf got some amazing n caring friends like Karishma,Smita,Debshradha,Fatima,Isha,Sushmita,Ahuti,Prachi,Rajeev and some of my lovely juniors who always encoraged me are 
 Smitakanhar,Shravanee,Aparajita,Supriya,Jasmini,Rajesh,Preetamjeet,Rakshya,Pratikshya,Sulagna.....ooops the list wont gt finish today i think so.n sry if i av left out so f ur names.all   of u have a special place in my life, and would like to thank u all.Another best moment is when i bagged d 3rd position in ISM NIT RKL and runner up in XIMB XPRESSION 2K13(duet dance competition).

Life after CET-well life after cet vl b quite diff.i love designing dresses n would love to do it forever.like every story have a twist i too also hav.after a training of 2yrs i wanna go fr DID( dance india dance ...d most awaited dream of my dream)........

Any tips for juniors-Challenges are what make life interesting and overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.so follow dis n u will be happiest person in your life n would like to say tat whatever u aim do to do it with full dedication n hardwork and you will definitely get your reward and at last miss me
thank u jessica for this lovely interview.You are really very charming girl.

Debshraddha Panda(IT,4th yr)

An integral part of Amuza Club of CET,a very gifted and power packed actress.Very well mannered and a powerful personality in KCHR.

Worst moment in CET: Worst moments are something which are way too common here, in my case the seminar fiasco is the most humiliating one.

Best moment in CET: There are many actually, but since get placed is the recent one, I will go with it.

Life after CET: It's very difficult to imagine life after CET. Especially because staying in campus has given a very different perceptiveness to my life. I will miss the evening khatti at canteen,the nukkad practice at the laboratory building,the normal chaos of hostel life,the morning rush to the college and many more things. These things will definitely change. I think life will be busier, more sophisticated and we will have bigger problems to tackle. But since this change in inevitable I am totally up for it . I am taking my CET friends with me so they will surely help me being sane in the insane world out there.

Any tips for juniors: Life can be frustrating at times here, but don't worry at the end you will leave a happy person. Being part of societies like Amuza, Cetadel, Zairza etc will definitely add quirks to your life here. Life at CET has become more dynamic over the past two years, You guys are really lucky to have ample time to enjoy all these things. Having good company is something that will define your 4 years of engineering life, so choose them wisely. Make friends, fight, cheat, shout, do whatever you wish but make sure that you don't leave with regret at the end of the 4th year.

Vishakha Pal(4th yr,FAT)

A talented dancer , an all-rounder in almost everyway ,got recently placed in Turtle.

Worst moment in CET:My worst moment no actually the day was worst.I remember the whole day without current and water in hostel,food was compromised and next day exam.Its not that the problem solved that day we have faced this time and again.Long queue for water in hot days of summer added to the delight.

Best moment in CET:There are many good moments that I am going to cherish, but the best moment was to get placed and also to get into that 9 pointer league finally in 7th sem.

Life after CET:- I guess its going to be a roller coaster ride for me,as am joining company from May itself I will not get any time to sit and relax. I want a success story at the end ,so I will put my best effort in anything I do.

Tips for juniors:Set your goals early so that you dont have to face problems at the end.
Be confident and never give up.
Enjoy every moment of your college time "ye pal na milenge dobara".....
Friendship is a vital part of life,especially in  a place like CET, here are 2 inseparable buddies (roomies) who always stood by each other.......

from left to right: Aishwarya Dhal, SwetaMohanty

2 inseparable buddies....

Sweta Mohanty(4th yr,Mechanical)

A really sweet and compassionate senior, has a million dollar smile. Had the distinction of being the only girl in Mechanical to be selected in the written round of Maruti Suzuki.(picture above

Best moment in CET- in a place where people say that best moments are quite rare, i have been really fortunate to have encountered quite a lot of them!  Getting selected in the written round of maruti as the only girl of mechanical branch and cracking into the top 3 of my branch in 7th semester did give me great amount of pleasure.. and apart from these nerdy stuffs ( :P) my final year birthday which had unimaginable surprises in store for me left me satiated with happiness.. truly,this was the best birthday i have ever had!

Worst moment in CET- this has to be the time when I was accused of doing things i never did... the sleepless nights it gave me and also revealed who really were my friends!

Life after CET-keeping aside the jitters of being independent after college and finally earning, it really makes me all emotional and stuff when i look back at this journey undertaken..and trust me,its going to be very difficult to cope up with the changes of leaving cet! the way bunking classes, khatti with friends, birthday celebrations, parties,midnight maggi sessions,sudden outing plans, doing all sorts of insane stuff in hostel had become a part of my life.. will be thoroughly missed!

Word for juniors- life at cet is hardly a smooth sail and you are bound to come across a lot of challenges..may seem like everything is going against you. But always remember that "If winter has come can spring be far behind" Never lose hope and strive for a better future not just for yourself but also for cet... never let go of friends who always stick to you, enjoy each and every moment of your time here because they are priceless that you will treasure forever!

Aishwarya Dhal(4th yr,Mechanical)

She is 'the cutest' senior in final year,a wonderful person always smiling but can  equally devastate you in a debate on any day with her gift of the gab.The cutest member of CET RISING.{picture above}

Best moment in CET- Some of the best moments were being applauded by our seniors,my juniors and batchmates for my contribution towards cetadel ..was really touched!then my last birthday at hostel. The amount of unimaginable surprises that I was showered with made it very special.and last but not the least getting to know Sweta during the burla trip.. that trip gave me the greatest friend!

Worst moment in cet- This has to be 2nd semester..my career graph stooped so low that I hadn’t imagined, courtesy being befuddled and some poor decisions i made in haste! It was truly a time when i dealt with stuffs i never thought i would! Lesson learnt- never indulge in two things at a time! :/

Life after cet- after such an eventful “filmy” journey in cet with ups,downs,crushes,heartbreaks,fights,tears,fun..the departure will definitely leave an irreplaceable void. The canteen,the khatti,the cetadel “meetings”, the bunks,the hostel life,the movies,the picnics,the birthday surprises,the celebration,the impromptu performances(:P),the almost daily trips to CCD,coordinating cetadel events..will be terribly missed... and it becomes very difficult to comprehend how i will be able to cope up with that..and certainly there is the excitement of earning,working and being independent.. and following my dreams!
Word for juniors- make the best of your college life. You get it only once!- though it sounds clich├ęd but it is true nevertheless! These are supposed to be the greatest years of your life.. you will never get these friends again,never get such freedom...and again, you will face disappointments, get frustrated..but that is all a part of it! Never dwell on these and always look at the bigger picture.. you may grumble that “ cet re kichhi habani” but trust me, you can make wonders..it always comes down to you! Be it our flourishing clubs or in the academic front,if you want to make things better..then get rid of all inhibitions and follow your passion! As Oscar wilde says, “ we are all in the gutter..but some of us are looking at the stars”. Go on guys, Make cet a far far better place !

Rajalaxmi Priyadarshini(4th yr,EE)

A very nice human being,liked by one and all (seniors and batchmates alike).A very helpful senior who has always been friendly and polite with every one.

Worst part: there isn't any worst thing i found but yes I would like to say our lecturers and professors need to be more sincere towards their classes. And why the canteen is so far away from the main building??!!

Best part: Well.. When its about the best part, its FRIENDS!! Life in CET wouldn't have been possible without them. Starting from the 2 jewels(roommates) to my branchmates(S^4I) made these 4years easy. Its more like my 2nd home :)

Life after CET: Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and also the end of existence. After CET, I will drive my career to the roads of success which will meet the destiny of happiness. So for now, I have something in my mind.You all will get to know about it. ;)

Any tips for juniors: Graduation is only a concept. In real life everyday you graduate.Its a process that goes on until the last day of your life. If you can grasp that, you’ll make a difference. CET guys and gals you all are talented people!! Give your best to the goals you have set. Forget the risk, take the fall. You will definitely suceed. Dont be a bookworm :P Enjoy your college days coz they wont ever come again. Dont be serious, be sincere!!! :) All the best!! Good luck!! :)

Garimella SaiLakshmi(4th yr,CSE)

Another very friendly senior,very gutsy her audacious replies in her fresher shook even the teachers of CET and is remembered even now..

Worst moment in CET:We had to catch a thief at around 3am in our Jagamara hostel and had to attack him ourselves without the help of even a security guard and in addition to that we had our 3rd semester exam the very same morning. It was one of the most horrifying and horrible experience for all of us.

 Best moment in Cet:Getting placed in two MNC's TCS and IBM in the very same week. It is rightly said that "hope for the best but expect the worst and you will definitely get your rewards."

 Life after CET:It is definitely going to be very hectic and "Lifeless" I would say. I dont think we are gonna get such academic teachings and guidance anymore.
But basically, Life is simple before and after College. Everything depends on one's attitude towards his/her life. So, Lets hope for the best.
 Any tips for juniors:I have got the most lovely and the most co-operative juniors. I would say enjoy your college life to the best. You are not gonna get this period anymore. Try to get as much involved as you can in all the activites, events, celebrations...
At the same time do not forget to focus on your career. This is the primary reason for what we are here. To build our career. To establish ourselves in our life.

Aim high and be self confident.
Never ever underestimate your capability as "you can."

Priyambada Choudhury(4th yr,I&E)

A jack of all trades ,pretty ,talented,speaks well and is a gem of a person. A regular anchor in Xtasy (has anchored in 3 of them). An integral part of CET Rising (our glam quotient).

Best moment- On the day I got selected for TCS, I was absent due to some reason (while they were disclosing the final list) but my friends they got so excited upon seeing my name. I was hit by a wave f calls n texts n they were even more excited than I was. It's a blessing that I have such people in my life.

Worst: I made Sonali cry. It happened so suddenly. I yelled and she started crying. and I was like with is happening. I felt really miserable. I try not to yell after that.

Next after college- technically college is still my next stop (smiles) I’m joining XIMB after this. But what will not change is I ll try to learn new things as they come in my life. I feel one is never too old to learn.

Tips for juniors- never doubt yourself or what you can do. There will be plenty of people to doubt you already. Keep your eyes and ears open but do what you feel is the right thing for you.

Bakshree Mishra(4th yr ,CSE)

An extremely talented person,always spotted with her guitar in the canteen.The queen of CET Rising, it was her idea to revamp the blog..
Best moments in CET - I have many! It would be unfair to single one out...
Freshers' Party in first year (Twisted the ragging in my favour and, surprisingly, voted Ms Fresher!). Joining Cetadel and those impromptu meets in SAC definitely memories that stand out. Xtasy '13 and '14: tiring yet rewarding! Ascend 2k14 was awesome, even though I impulsively joined in, I'm glad I did. Oh, and a certain day when I started singing and playing my guitar in SAC gallery and shocked the entire CET Junta (that was fun :D).

I was lucky to find kindred spirits early on (and kept finding more and more over time!), and had a helluva ride these 4 years with them!

Worst moment: I've had many 'low' moments like everyone else, and I've always bounced back pretty well. But if I have to choose one, it would be in 5th semester when there was this awesome internship opportunity and I had a lot of other stuff going on so I couldn't give my all. And so I lost that chance. I wouldn't have been so upset if I had fought hard and then lost...

Life after CET - I have a long way to go! There is so much that I can do (kidding :P) and I want to do, but there has to be a priority list! I am still in the middle of finding my way. For now I'm just going with the flow, but once I know what I want, I'm gonna go for it with all I've got, and definitely let you know!

Tips for juniors - All the juniors I'm acquainted with, and all those I failed to get to know, you people are awesome. Yes, it ain't IIT, but CET ain't a joke either. You guys are going to reach unprecedented heights. Know what you want to do, and give your all to get there. Don't have regrets, rather use those experiences to make better decisions!

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Foot prints in the sands of time #4

By: Sradha Suman Mahapatra
After four whole years, they have now readied themselves up for a world new,
away from here. And when they walked down the memory lane with us, they shared the many bitter-sweet experiences they have had here. The memories, 'still afresh', they said, will always find a place in their hearts. Before we bid adieu, let's look at what they have to say !

  MAHESH PRASAD, Final year, CSE. Apart from being an ardent quizzer and a talented orator, he also is a lovely person.

SRADHAWhat is your best moment/ experience at CET ?
MAHESH: When I got the opportunity to host "Etcetra" for the first time. Plaban and I were awake till 3 am, preparing questions. It was a lot of fun. And the participation of people was overwhelming. There were 250 odd participants there. That was the most memorable day in CET. 

SRADHA: What is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ?   

MAHESH: The very first day in CET! I was shouting at someone in the hostel corridor and suddenly bumped against Biswajit Sir. He just told that I was the worst boy he had seen in his 8 years of career in CET.

SRADHA: Plans after CET ?

MAHESH:  MBA.. Actually, I haven't got anything planned yet. :P

SRADHA: Message for your juniors ?

MAHESH: CET is a good place for developing yourself. You will also get a lot of time to prepare for competitives. Enjoy your days in CET. 

SUSANTH PANDA, Final year, EE. He is an extremely friendly senior, the one you can always resort to for help.

SRADHAWhat is your best moment/ experience at CET ?

SUSANTH: Starting from first-year-ragging. It was an entirely new experience for me. We had to put on formals late at night, after midnight mostly and were made to stand in front of the hostel gate facing the seniors. Our legs shook with fear and anxiety, but seriously we have learnt a lot from those awkward encounters. Those things helped me a lot in becoming a more matured person.Our seniors and our batch share a very strong bond because of that and my roomies - Amrit( Mota ), Richesh( Nona ), Susanth Rath, Sandeep( Phulei ), Padma, Palo - sabu 4th year hau hau bhuligale; But first year baht masti karichi semananka sangare. Unique personalities! 

Tapare 2nd yr! Sabu gote gote mundi thilu ! Everyone had only one notion in their mind,"Ragging khaichu mane ragging karibu". And in the process, I had encountered a DC, which was only one such experience. 3rd yr hau hau sabu super seniors! New friends, new experiences! we used 2 visit kailash regularly through waterways nd airways. Ragging didn't interest anymore. I had a group of friends especially Biswa, P.B.R, Sanjit( Don ) who used to pull my legs infront of one girl. Baht khichai karichanti mora. We used to troll and tease each other. Each and every friend I made during this time is special to me; I have many memories to carry with me. Then came the final year! The most special moment was when I got placed. The joy I experienced can't be explained. You will understand when u go through the same phase. I am enjoying my last moments at C.E.T with my friends - [ Lord ] Sidharth Pal, Ronak [ Baba ] and my juniors.

SRADHAWhat is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ? 
SUSANTH: Formally, the most embrassing moment I experienced at C.E.T was during the Disciplinary Commitee. But informally, there wer many embrassing moments in the hostel. One was when I had to sleep with a dog. Thank to Biswa who carried me back to my room. And then there is one more, which all the juniors are aware of and for that, I was awarded Mr.Broad Award !

SRADHAPlans after CET ?

SUSANTH: Not yet decided. Confused achi - XIMB or TCS ?!

SRADHAMessage for your juniors ?

SUSANTH:  For the third years - There is only one year left. Khub enjoy karo ! Simultaneously keep studying. I have a long list of the juniors who are very close to me - Shakti, Uttam, Swadhin, Gaurav, Sarada, Krantik, Kishan, Uddat, Diptiman. Thank you all for loads of sweet memories. I Will miss u all and I specially thank all my electrical juniors for the branch parties at canteen and all the masti ! Bhulibani mate ! From the second year, Shukla, Manas, Anish. Also Adyasha [ 2nd yr ] Ete patha padhni, akhi kharap haba !Keep enjoying your time here. Love u all and will miss u all !!

 SRADHENDU SAHOO, Final  year, CSE. The techie, the Cetard, the all-time-nine-pointer. The happy person he is, always makes you enjoy his company.
SRADHA: What is your best moment/ experience at CET ?

SRADHENDU: Ascend Technical Exhibition! It was really the most wonderful experience in CET. It happened for the very first time and was a success and I was part of it. 

SRADHAWhat is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ? 

SRADHENDU: Entertainments quiz Xtasy-2013. I was the coordinator and had to be embarrassed due to several reasons. The finale just didn't go as per plan and there were too many glitches to handle. It was the most embarrassing moment for me as students from the OQA had come.

SRADHAPlans after CET ?

SRADHENDU: To give my best in whatever i do n to stand up-to the expectations and belief that many people have implanted on me.

SRADHAMessage for your juniors ?
SRADHENDU: I have been really lucky to have such cool juniors in my college days. I apologize to all those who have any problems with me. Last, but not the least wish you all the best for your future and do not forget me

ASUTOSH PATNAIK, Final year, EE. Smart and talented, he always manages to grab everyone's attention with his charming personality.

SRADHA: What is your best moment/ experience at CET ?

ASUTOSHI feel each and every moment that i have spent at CET is special. Every morning, every evening and every night that i have spent at this college was awesome and unforgettable. After all, these four years ain't coming back ever again!!

SRADHAWhat is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ? 

ASUTOSHThe most embarrassing moment would be singing in front of the entire faculty and seniors on the Teachers' day and then being mocked for it, for days!!!

SRADHAPlans after CET ?

ASUTOSH:My future plans will definitely include doing an MBA from any one of the best B-schools and start my own company some day.

SRADHAMessage for your juniors ?

ASUTOSHJuniors, just have faith! Sometimes, when the going gets tough it eventually brings out the best in you. Just be focused and have a clear thought of exactly what you want from life and set your priorities accordingly.

ARVIND MAHAPATRA, FInal year, IT. Cheerful and friendly, he roams around with his camera and captures us all.

SRADHA: What is your best moment/ experience at CET ?

ARVINDThere are so many ! The First and the fourth years were filled with it.

SRADHAWhat is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ?
ARVIND I got 4 backlogs in the third semester, which changed me, made me serious about my studies and I became more result oriented.

SRADHAPlans after CET ?

ARVIND I have a dream of being a successful entrepreneur and leave my job. But the key lies in identifying the opportunity. So right now I will give my best to whatever I do so that it will help me in the future.

SRADHAMessage for your juniors ?
ARVIND Keep a hobby, and put your heart into it. 'Wellapanti
ke lia ek ya do dedh saal thik hai'. after that get serious with whatever
you want from your life. Dream bigger than a 9 to 5 job. My best wishes are with you all !

SANDEEPAN PATI, Final year, EE. If you know him, then you also know that he is as smart a person as an engineer. If anytime you are in search of some soulful advise, he is the person you need to meet.

SRADHA: What is your best moment/ experience at CET ?
SANDEEPANTill now, I have none.

SRADHA: What is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ?
SANDEEPANStudying in the ELECTRICAL ENGG. is my worst experience, not due to the content of the subjects or the placement condition; But due to a bunch of cheap people in our branch, who have injected toxin into it.

SRADHA: Plans after CET ?
SANDEEPANIf I get a good marriage proposal…then I will be on the “CLOUD-9”…!!

SRADHA: Message for your juniors ?
SANDEEPANThose who have achieved something in life can give messages, but I have no achievements. But if u insist, I will tell them that there is a life beyond the ranks, marks, etc. So enjoy this life to the fullest 'cause you are never going to get this time back, even if you want to. Will miss you all.

SACHIN KHANDELWAL, Final year, Civil. An extremely vibrant person. He recently pleased us all with his performance in NUKKAD NATAK, this XTASY-2K14, where he was one of the script writers too. Among his many talents, singing is one and he has also successfully tried his hands at composing.

SRADHA: What is your best moment/ experience at CET ?
SACHIN: My best experience was, when I performed ‘NUKKAD NATAK’ in CET for the first time with my friends. Now we have a well-known DRAMATICS society “AMUZA”. I hope events like NUKKAD NATAK, REFLEX, and STAGE PLAYS thrive in the coming years.

SRADHA: What is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ?
SACHIN: I am glad that there is no such experience which can be said as the worst one. Ups and downs are always there in life.  Moreover whatever bad things happened to me at CET, I took it as a learning step and that experience helped me to proceed in life.

SRADHA: Plans after CET ?
SACHIN: To prepare for government services along with the job I am placed in.

SRADHA: Message for your juniors ?
SACHIN: Just go and be free to excel yourself in whichever field you like. It is very important to be yourself. So wherever you go, whatever you do, just be dedicated to that work completely. Always try to rectify and improve yourselves from your mistakes. Most important thing is keep enjoying in your life whichever phase you go through.

AMRIT DAS, Final year, CSE. He was the cultural secretary for XTASY-2K14 and did a splendid job, carrying his  patience and a smile throughout.

SRADHA: What is your best moment/ experience at CET ?
AMRIT: When I was sitting and sharing my thoughts with the dignitaries on the stage during XTASY-2K14.

SRADHA: What is the worst/most embarrassing experience at CET ?
AMRIT: After the "sesa-melapa" farewell function, my 'baby doll' dance video was published on Facebook. And seeing the video everyone started calling me " Baby Doll Bhaiya " !!

SRADHA: What are your plans after CET ?
AMRIT: Life after CET is unpredictable. I will miss each and every moment that I have spent with my friends and juniors. After the life at CET Hostel, one can manage everything when he moves to new places.

SRADHA: Message for your juniors ?
AMRIT: Speak from your heart to achieve your goals. If you demand something from CET, don't ask for it; just choose the right person who can do it for you.

For Pre-Final year students, each and every one should contribute something for CET, you will feel really great when you all will make your way into 2015. Your achievements will count and will make CET proud. And finally, I thank all the secretaries, core members, X-Swats and my lovely juniors for their support during XTASY 2k14. One more thing ! I love you all.

"Sabu contact re rahiba,bhulibani bey "